Program of the First Polish-German sociological workshop

Declining Cities/Developing Cities”


Time: 16-17  November 2007

Place: Institute for Western Affairs, Mostowa 27 Street, Poznan, Poland


16th November


The workshop will start at 11 a.m.

We plan to organize two sessions:


Session I (11.30 – 15.30)

Session I will include presentation of  papers (approximately 20 minutes).

dr Jörg Dürrschmidt (Universität Kassel), Andrea Gerhardt (doktorantka na Universität Kassel), Between Europeanization and Marginalization – ‘nested urbanism’ in a German/Polish border city;

dr Katrin Großmann (Helmholtz-Zentrum für Umweltforschung), Socio-spatial consequences of demographic change for East Central European cities;

dr Sandra Huning (Center for Metropolitan Studies, Technische Universität Berlin), Social and political activity in urban space. Awakening, stagnation or fall?;

dr Heidi Fichter-Wolf (Institut für Regionalentwicklung und Strukturplanung), Towards Entrepreneurial Regions ­– Universities & Innovation Networks Challenged by the Knowledge Society;

dr Jerzy Kaczmarek (Instytut Socjologii UAM) Images of poverty in the city – photoessay;

dr Marek Nowak (Instytut Socjologii UAM), Postcommunistic Citizenship? Generational  View of Social  Microactivism based on surveys conducted in Poznań;

dr Michał Nowosielski (Instytut Zachodni); Social activation in the context of Polish cities;

dr Jarosław Mikołajec (Katedra Stosowanych Nauk Społecznych, Politechnika Śląska w Gliwicach), Revitalization of cities of Katowice agglomeration in the context of regional restructurisation;

dr Konrad Miciukiewicz (Instytut Socjologii UAM), Półwiejska St. in Transition: Revitalization or Gentrification.

This part of the Workshop is open to the public: both researchers and the students.

During the Session I we plan one coffee brake, and after the Session a lunch break for referees


Session II (16.00 – 18.00)

The second session will be closed to the public – only referees will take part in it. We plan the discussion on two topics. First is still open – we hope that our guest will help us and propose topics interesting from their point of view. The second subject of the discussion would be the opportunities for cooperation between researchers from Poland and Germany. We hope that this meeting might help us to start joint research projects and further meetings in the future.



After the end of the Session II we'd like to invite our guests for a less formal meeting in a less formal scenery. In the evening we plan to present sociological films and photo essays about the city prepared by the Studio of Visual Sociology from Institute of Sociology at Adam Mickiewicz University and our friends from Germany. We hope that that our friends' work and the atmosphere of social meeting over glass of beer or a cup of tea will inspire us to further discussions.  The meeting will take place in ARS Cinema, Szyperska 2 Street.